Everything you need to know about your photo session


Your headshot is selling you, the actor, model or performer.

It should sell your personality, your look and your vibe.

It is the most important tool that you have for marketing yourself



Accurately show what you look like on a good day

Capture a unique and interesting aspect of your personality

Be an original and engaging photograph

Represent you when going from role to role

Stand out amongst the competition

Last you for at least 12 months


Your headshots single purpose is to have you called in for those parts for which you are likely to be cast.

My goal is to capture a spontaneous moment when there is a true energy flowing from you and your best assets, your personality and individuality shine like a beacon! 



Before the session, we will discuss what you need out of these shots, what roles you are looking for, for you to show me images that you like (your old headshots or tear sheets from magazines) and the career direction you wish to go in. We will then discuss where and how to do your shoot and the best way for you to get the most out of it.

I never schedule more than 2 shoots a day, so you will not be rushed.

Do not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before the shoot, drink plenty of water and get 2 nights good sleep. Really - these things make a big difference! The more of your good self you bring to this, the better your images will be.



Expect to pay $150-$300 for make-up and hair depending on the number of looks. It’s best to come with your hair styled and then the make-up artist will finish it off.  This fee is paid by you directly to them and is additional to my photographer fee. Don’t scrimp here. It matters! 

The goal generally is to look as though you DON’T have make-up on…which is harder to do than you might think. We can always add on a more fun make-up look once we have the natural shot.



Bring at least four different shirts (tops) in addition to a pair of comfortable blue jeans or pants for 3⁄4 shots.

For the majority of headshots, the clothes you select should be informal and low-key. You don't want your clothes to distract people from looking at your face. Solids work best; avoid loud patterns (checkerboard, polka dots and stripes), and anything else that will take attention away from you.  White works with some skin tones and hair colors so use your best judgment; but usually darker and brighter colors and black are better. If you have fair skin, avoid clothes with pastels and cream colors (too little contrast.) Choose fabrics that hang well. Some shirts (tops) wrinkle more than others.  Bring an assortment of T-shirts, sweaters, work shirts, tank tops, etc. with a variety of different collars and necklines (V-necks often work well). Layers also work well.  Jewelry or accessories should be simple. Women should bring light and dark undergarments. If wearing glasses, have the lenses taken out prior to the shoot. (Any eyewear store will do this free-of-charge.)  If you need some additional pointers for what "looks" to achieve, here are more specific suggestions for the four most popular categories:


1) For Commercials: All-American, wholesome. Sell your type. Clothes from Free people, Anthropologie, Splendid, Brandy Melville, J. Crew and Banana Republic for business clothing.  Clothes that are "You”

2) For Film: Be Yourself! Be creative and original. Wear your favorite clothes that you look good in and "that are "YOU".

3) Corporate/Industrials/Spokesperson: (Men): Dark jacket & tie, white or pastel shirt/conservative. (Women): Wear your favorite suit.


If you have a question about a piece of clothing, bring it with you!

​Make-Up and Hair styling recommendations...


I have a wonderful team of make-up artists and hair stylist priced from $150 to $300 who will come to your house, office or my studio. 



Make-up studio and beauty lounge offering $35 make-up application. Multiple locations. 



The beauty bar is perfect for a blowout before a shoot or event. From $40. Multiple locations



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