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Our web designer will meet with you and access. your every need to get your website from zero to hero!  We'll discuss your audience, your URL, handle all the technical stuff.


 We will get a feel for your vibe, the tone, the bells and whistles you'd like to include to give your brand that unique look.  All this will be done before the photography session.


Then we will discuss your needs, the creative concept and your career direction and the look of your website.

For branding we will put together an inspiration board then decide on locations, wardrobe and props. When everything is agreed we will prepare your final shot list.

After your photo shoot you will end up with a wide selection of images that meet your needs.

What makes an influencer or brands website great?

A great influencer or great brand requires a website that reaches a specific audience intended for them to provide content or products for their audience. The website should evoke  trust, inspiration and action.

While every influencer’s target audience is different, their websites have a few of the same key items.

Now, what are those key items? We'll explore below.

1. The Look

The most prominent part of any website is its overall look. You want your site to reflect your brand’s identity, while creating the atmosphere you want your followers to experience all done with intention in what colors, font, tone, graphics send the right message.


2. The Content

By knowing your audience or followers, you're content should reflect what they want by making it engaging or interactive...and very real to who you are.

3. The Look

Your website should get to the point of what your promoting by making it easy for your audience to discover more about you.  

By having learned the rules of graphic design and use of space,  the power of your website lies in the layout.


4. The Ease

Let's make your website easy to operate and help your followers find what they came for. Do you need a store? Do you need a blog?  Do you need a portfolio?  Whatever it is, it should be easy to find.

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