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Los Angeles, California

"Write it on your heart  that
every day is the best day in the year.


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You have an incredible gift to capture the most beautiful and striking photos!  I'm in awe of your amazing talent!  Thank you for capturing a precious moment in time that will be a keepsake treasure to our family for a lifetime.

Wiloe Poehlmann - Family Portrait Client

Nice to
meet you!

Originally from London (I still have the accent) and now enjoying the LA life of sun, palm trees, the beach and laid back living. 

I am a full service photographer with a focus on portraits and events. I love capturing a baby’s first smile, a child’s glee, a bride and groom's first kiss and the rite of passage of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  My clients tell me that I capture their essence, that 'something special' that gives them an inner glow. 

Whether I’m shooting a portrait, a corporate publicity photo, or an event, I love capturing my subjects true personality. I’ve photographed clients worldwide, but I am based in Los Angeles, where I offer studio and outdoor natural light sessions.

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Susan, these are extraordinary.  So amazing to see you capture such a delicate day.  We love, love, love them and will treasure them.

Amy Brenneman - Family Portrait Client

I've received so many compliments on my headshot. I'm telling everyone you are a miracle worker!

Masamo Yamamoto - NBC Universal Headshot Client



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